Biopsy Forceps



BMA forceps ensure the safety and expediency of the operation by enabling cleaner retrieval of the specimens and allowing smooth insertion into the endoscopic channel.

Sophisticated biopsy technique

The uniformed cup with thinner edges provides clean cutting performance and minimizes bleeding.

Flexible Sheath & Smooth Insertion into the channels

A flexibly designed and coatedd sheath enables smooth insertion without damaging the endoscope channel.


Model Type Cup Diameter (mm) Sheath Length (Gauge) Features
BF-18-160-O-P Oval 1.8 1,600 Coated
BF-18-230-O-P Oval 1.8 2,300 Coated
BF-18-230-O-P Oval 2.3 1,600 Coated
BF-23-230-O-P Oval 2.3 2,300 Coated
BF-23-160-W-P Oval 2.3 1,600 Coated,Spike
BF-23-230-W-P Oval 2.3 2,300 Coated,Spike
BF-23-160-O-P-A1 Alligator teeth 2.3 1,600 Coated
BF-23-230-W-P-A1 Alligator teeth 2.3 1,600 Coated,Spike
BF-23-230-O-P-A1 Alligator teeth 2.3 2,300 Coated
BF-23-230-W-P-A1 Alligator teeth 2.3 2,300 Coated,Spike