Injection Needle



BMA injection needle provides more effective performance in terms of penetration and injection into the tissue. You will feel very satisfied with convenient and easy operations.

Effective Penetration

With its 3-bevel tip, the sharp needle can easily penetrate into the mucosa.

Injection Force

The ultra-thin wall of needle enables smoother and quicker injections.

Injection properties at the J-turn

Using a shorter needle makes it possible to perform an injection at the


Model Tube Needle
Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Diameter(Gauge) Length(mm)
IN160423 2.3 1,600 23G 4
IN160425 2.3 1,600 25G 4
IN230423 2.3 2,300 23G 4
IN230425 2.3 2,300 25G 4